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Baby It’s Cold Outside by Jennifer Probst, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, Melody Anne and Kate Meade

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Jennifer Probst, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, Melody Anne and Kate Meade
Ebook and Print
4 for the Whole Book

Searching for You by Jennifer Probst 5
Two people who went to college are about to see that the chemistry they had is still there? They could have had a lifetime together but life got in the way.  Can they put aside their differences and see the magic love can bring?

It’s a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase 4
All Kate wants is a Christmas with her family which means her husband,  Drew,  not working. Problem is Drew is a workaholic and this Christmas he’s going to see what happens to those who put work before family first. Can the spirt of Christmas change Drew or be the end of it?

Saving Grace by Kristen Proby 4
Grace Douglas does not ski. At least she didn’t before Jacob Baxter entered her life. She never expected skiing will lead her to something she never imagined All Jacob wants is someone to love him for him not his money.  Can these two see that magic is in the air?

Safe in his Arms by Melody Anne 4
Hawk Winchester is tired of his mother meddling in his love life. He’s not ready to settle down and finding the right woman. Everything changes though when he bumps into Natalie Duncan and his hearts gets a kick in it. Natalie has goals and one of them is not falling in love right now. Can she stay away from Hawk when he is the only one she feels safe?

Rekindle the Flame by Kate Meade 4
Darcy Cochrane has had only one love, Beck Rivera. Years ago they were a hot item but life got in the way. Seeing him again is making it hard for her not to fall for him again. She was always attracted to sexy firefighters and Beck is that and a lot more. Can she just move on knowing he is so close again?

Baby It’s Cold Outside is a holiday treat with five authors that will take you on one magical ride. You have a billionaire who has never forgotten about his first love, a skiing instructor who wants real love and two others that will make you believe in the magic of love. All in all I have to say from these five stories my favorite has to be Jennifer Probst.  I loved the idea of second chance at love and seeing how stronger than ever it has become. Great book.

Unleashed by Rachel Lacey

Unleashed by Rachel Lacey
352 pages
Mass Market Paperback

Cara Medlen is a woman who loves animals and will do anything she can to see they are not harmed. Problem is that her neighbors want her out and no more foster dogs in the building. Nobody understand them like her almost experiencing losing her life at deaths door and people giving up hope on them. Matt Dumont doesn’t want to fall for her but something about Cara speaks to him. The way she cares about these animals is something he appreciates yet does not accept breaking and entering to help them. The feelings she brings out in him is weird yet scares him. Just when he thinks things can’t get more complicated his last job as an investigator gets confusing. He has plans to leave the apartment building he shares with Cara but each day that gets closer is making him see life without Cara. Can he protect her before it’s too late? Will she continue to live to see the love Matt wants to give her?

This is the first I have read from Rachel Lacey and have to say it was cute and funny. I fell in love with Casper, Sadie and even Mojo the dogs in the story. These two were so adorable and Cara loving them back to life was sweet.  Matt just wants to get his job done and Cara is one big distraction he doesn’t need. I loved how Rachel Lacey brought these two together and the bond they have with the dogs very cute. I would have liked more romance between these two so it was more sweet than ever.

The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler

The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler
321 pages
Ebook and Print

Everybody knows the Sorentino sisters are a triple force when it comes to family business. Since their father died and mothers breakdown they only have one chance to keep their ranch. Determined to make it a resort business they must come together as one. Amy swore never to come back and not to fall for another cowboys lies. The thing is Kellan is not a cowboy but one sex on a stick that is distracting her beyond simple temptation. He is hiding something about his true identity and is afraid of Amy’s reaction.  Can she let go of her fears about being like her mother and enjoy the passion, love Kellan is giving her?

I love the Catcher Creek series especially when Melissa Cutler has these hot cowboys like Kellan. I felt for Amy and her guarding her heart especially with a guy like him. The thing I liked the most is that Melissa didn’t make Kellan too macho or arrogant but a man who loves with his whole heart. All in all this is a great start to a series I am really liking.

Shrouded Into Blackness by Norma J. Karlsson

Shrouded Into Blackness by Norma J. Karlsson
393 pages
Ebook and Print
10 moon Recommended

Kieran Delaney will do anything for his family. As a fighter, criminal and a man who gets things done it is a surprise that he’s a softie when it comes to kids.  He knew right away that a woman like Quinn can kick his ass but her kids now they can break his heart. He’s fought every shady character there is but fighting with Quinn just gets him going. She brings out a full blown protectiveness in him he never knew he had. Seeing her with the kids shows she is a great mother to them yet something about the whole situation seems unusual. He has no idea why she wants to disappear but knows if she does there goes his salvation.  Quinn has always lived on the streets and running to survive.  Meeting Kieran scares and excites her in ways she has never known before. Her kids are her main concern right now and love is what they need the most whether by blood or not. Seeing him with them breaks her heart yet in a bizarre way he makes them feel safe. This is something she has not felt in a long time. Love and a family is not something she has had and Kieran is one guy to break and give it all to her. Can she open her heart and risk it all for a chance of a real family for her kids?

The third in Norma J. Karlsson’s Blackness series just proves how talented this author is with such deep and confusing emotions.  There were times I wanted to slap and kick Kieran for his stubbornness.  Now Quinn she is a survivor and no weak damsel which pairing him with Kieran was awesome. I loved the sparring they did and man the hot scenes watch out. My heart broke for Jack the cutest boy ever in this book and cried each time he spoke about his past. Two people brought together searching for a second chance at something they never expected of having in their lives. Norma J. Karlsson not only did a remarkable job of these two but we do read about Shannon and the guys which just made me love this book more. Awesome book filled with such raw sexuality, action and a chance for four people to be a family they never expected.

Into the Blackness by Norma J. Karlsson

Into the Blackness by Norma J. Karlsson
445 pages
Ebook and print

It was supposed to be a simple undercover job not get complicated. So far nothing is going as planned and it is in weird way looking good for Nick Cooper. He knows he has done some  bad things even killed and knows he doesn’t deserve a woman like Kat Russell. As an agent like him she has seen and done things no female should do. Yet it is because of this he feels this is more than a job which scares him more. Living with her and pretending to be something they’re not is making him see happiness and love might be possible. Children and marriage is not something Kat ever imagined having considering what her career is. Being with Nick and the kids especially Jake is making her wonder what is she really working for in life. Seeing how badly her kids need love she is determined to be the mother they need even if it means letting her guard down. Can she and Nick find what they have been missing in their lives? Will they find out who is really on charge of the human trafficking before their cover is blown?

Once again Norma J. Karlsson has proven that even monsters deserve a second chance. I loved that we finally get to know more about Nick Cooper. In the previous one we saw a glimpse of him yet with Kat his partner he shows his true colors. My heart broke for Kat and her kids especially Jake. All these people have one thing in common and that is no love. They are afraid to grasp it and man the possibility of it happening is mind blowing.  I have to say I applaud Kat for taking all of Nicks shit and loved that she never backed down. There’s a lot more of Jake I would like to know and can’t wait for his story.  Great job.

On the Naughty List by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta and Sugar Jamison

On the Naughty List by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta and Sugar Jamison
Ebook and Print
5  As a Whole

Christmas Bonus By Lori Foster 4
Two people who have denied their attraction is seeing that this Christmas might mean more than just a bonus to them. A romance between two friends ready for a life filled of holiday heat.

Naughty Under the Mistletoe by Carly Phillips 3
A mistaken identity might be his fall of bachelorhood but this twin will find that it will be the best thing to happen.  A certain Christmas helper this year will find that sometimes taking a risk and being impulsive will lead her to the best present ever this year.

Some Kind of Wonderful by Beth Ciotta 4
He knows her words and has fallen for her miles away. Being with her now is proving hard for him. He is a soldier knows how to use a gun and she is his light through the darkness. Can he get the Christmas happy ending he deserves?

Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison 5
A mother determined to give her little baby the life he deserves and a brooding uncle looking for a second chance. Two people not looking for love yet afraid to let go of the past and be happy.  A holiday that will bring surprises, love and maybe a chance at something great.

On the Naughty List is the perfect romantic and holiday book to read right now. Filled with passion, love and the hope of second chances made this a favorite read. I loved the whole theme of this book and the men were all different. You have brooding,  womanizer,  friend, and most of all tough women to complete them in every way. All in all the whole book I rated a 5 and each other individually. Yet my favorite has to be Sugar Jamison’s. Definitely one holiday book you don’t want to pass.

Rekindled by Maisey Yates

Rekindled by Maisey Yates
120 pages
Ebook and Print

What goes around comes around and for Lucy Ryan it is bad. Of all the things that has happened she never expected to fall mercy to Mac Denton and be broke. He is the one person she never thought to see again yet somehow fate is playing a very mean trick on her right now. Seeing him again after all these years has proven the years have been good to him.  She knows back in the past she treated him rudely yet the feelings she has for him now confuses her. He is her only hope and in some ways her salvation.  Mac Denton has never forgotten about Lucy Ryan.  For years she made fun of him and his upbringing always reminding him of how wrong they are for each other. Now years later she is asking for his help. He knows fate must be laughing at him right now for years he’s imagined her begging for help from him. Yet seeing how beautiful she has become is making him rethink his vengeance. Of all the scenarios of getting back at Lucy he never thought he would be the one begging for her love and forever. As a rekindle goes this is one that both will never forget.

Once again Maisey Yates has done it again in a way that makes me wonder why all the hate. Right from the start you can tell these two love each other. To me it felt like a long cat and mouse game that has finally matured to passion. At first I didn’t like Mac but once his story unfolds and you see the real him he’s loveable.  All in all though it is short Maisey Yates once again shows passion and love can come in many ways from vengeance to a reunion worth waiting for through the years.

The Billionaire Cowboy by Mandy Baxter

The Billionaire Cowboy by Mandy Baxter
91 pages
Ebook and Print

Everybody wants to be with Ryder Blackwell but not for love. As a billionaire cowboy bachelor he is used to getting whatever he wants and never gets a no. Well until he meets the new vet, Lara Montgomery.  She is a woman full of sexy, beauty and tons of feistiiness. Yet she wants nothing to do with him so he takes drastic measures. Lara knows what kind of man Ryder which is arrogant, bull headed and super hot. The thing is she is determined to not be swayed by his charms but man he could kiss. Can she keep her libido intact when Ryder has already gotten under her skin?

I have to say the blurb actually sounded better than the actual story. I really wanted more from these two but failed for me it lacked the real love between them. Seemed more like it centered on sex than romance. Hoping the next one would be better and more than just sex.

Till Justice is Served by Jerrie Alexander

Till Justice is Served by Jerrie Alexander
213 pages
Ebook and Print
10 Moon Recommended

As an FBI agent Rafe Sirilli knows each day at work he is putting his life in danger. His father knew that yet knowing he has passed still brings the scared little boy. Coming home was supposed to be quick not supposed to form any attachments.  Yet when a friend of his asks for help he can’t say no especially when it involves his old crush, Erin Brady. She was always smart back then but seeing how beautiful and sexy she has become has turned his life upside down. He’s not meant for happily ever afters or the white picket fences lead off with Erin. Yet no matter what he does he can’t stay away from her. Knowing someone is killing innocent people to get to her just terrifies him. It has been  years since Erin seen Rafe but has never forgotten about him. They used to be good friends but ever since her prom they separated. Now that he’s back she is afraid of falling again and this time it scares her. He was her everything and now once again he is becoming her protector. Knowing that someone wants her and determined to kill to get to her is making her lose her mind. All she wants is her life back to normal but is afraid of never seeing Rafe again. Can she give her heart to him again when his life is always in danger?

So when I got this book for review the blurb was all about someone ought to get Erin. WRONG. This book had all I look for to be a 10 moon recommended. Passion, Action, Suspense,  Romance and most of characters that come to life. Right away I could see Rafe and his turmoil in this whole situation.  Here is a guy who blames himself of what happened in the past with his family and still trying to move on. Now Erin is one woman you don’t want to mess. She’s not a damsel in distress but a fighter which goes so well with this sexy FBI agent. I mean I was in awe of this talented authors imagination of bringing out the killer and these two emotions to light. Jerrie Alexander blew my imagination away and one book you don’t want to pass. Just the first chapter and them meeting again will grab your attention.  Loved it.

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Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine

Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine
328 pages
Ebook and Print
10 Recommended

He’s dead. The one person she thought would have loved her forever is gone. Kayla Turner never understood what she did wrong for her father to stop loving her. All she has is the memories of him as a young girl and yet she still wants his love. Broke and no job the inheritance she never imagined having is almost in her reach.  Problem is she is on a goose chase trying to find it and handcuffed to a man she never had a chance with in the past. Daren Ackwood is the resident playboy bachelor and rich. Every girl wants to be with him and his money. If they only knew the truth? For months now Daren has been playing a charade. Nobody knows how much he is trying to survive each day making ends meet. All they see is the good looks, money and charm not the real Daren except his handcuffed partner.  It scares him that Kayla and him have so much in common yet in a weird way he can’t imagine a day without her. Her father was the only man who loved him and felt like a real father so this scavenger hunt for the money seems unusual considering Kayla doesn’t need the money. Or does she?

Two people who knew each other yet so different are about to see that money doesn’t bring happiness.  I loved how Chelsea Fine created this story and have to say wow. Daren and Kayla are so alike yet deny the love that has always been there. Chelsea Fine brought out the the tears from this reviewer seeing Kayla find the love she has always been looking for in her life. Truly a book you don’t want to miss and can’t wait for Part 3 of this series.