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Betwixt Omnibus by Melissa Pearl

Betwixt Omnibus Series by Melissa Pearl
356 pages
Ebook and Print

Everybody knows if you want a great night you should hang out wth sexy, wild Nicole Tepper. Problem is people are not all they seem and Nicole is not exactly what others think she is like. Instead she is dead and really seeing what people really think of her. The friends she thought were her friends dont really care she is alive or dead. As each day passes and she is left for dead she is really seeing what others think of her and starts to think she is better of dead. That is until Dale Finnigan notices her. Her body is getting colder, her life slowly leaving her and yet she is feeling love for the first time in her life. Can the love of the boy she made fun of while alive bring her back to life? Can Dale find her killer before it is too late?

Scarface..That is what people call him in high school. His girlfriend, Nicole started it but nobody knows the real reason how he got the scar. People say Nicole was wild, adventurous and maybe in someways just like him. Or at least the person he used to be. A different school a different life is the second chance Dale Finnigan needs to rise from his wild ways. Yet the scar is a reminder of the hell he went through and the second chance he gets every day with Nicole. The scar is what defines him but will Nicole still love him when the real reason for the scar comes out?

Love,  near death experience and second chances can make a person do crazy things. Nicole has never experienced the kind of love Dale has given her. Boys always wanted one thing from her but Dale is different. She understands his morals but knows in her heart he is the one. Before they met she knows he led a wild and adventurous life and now is paying the price. Going to Columbia has been his dream. The past is always a reminder to them but Nicole is determined to make things right even if it means losing him to a thousand miles away. Love means sacrificing things and risking it for a chance of happiness. Can Nicole show her love to Dale without physical contact? Can their love survive the distance?

How to describe the Betwixt series in one word is impossible. I felt laughter, betrayal, death, heartache and most of all love from two characters that seem too wise for their age. Everybody wants to be Nicole and act like Nicole yet behind her back they say something else. It takes death for Nicole to see that her life was not that much good and only person really wants to know the real Nicole. I felt for Dale and all the things he has gone through to be the man he is now. These two are perfect for each from their wild ways to each wanting a second chance at life to make things right. Once again Melissa Pearl has not disappointed me and loved this series. It was contemporary and paranormal in a way that seemed like a movie coming to life. I mean the way she did Nicole`s story part in the book was phenomenal and Dale just wow. I rooted for Nicole all the way to get her happiness. Melissa Pearl totally rocked and as a reader of all genres you won`t be dissapointed by this talented author.

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All I Want for Christmas by Jessica Scott

All I Want for Christmas by Jessica Scott
95 pages

Major Patrick MacLean only wants one thing for Christmas this year..his wife and child. Natalie might not biologically be his but in his heart and soul she is his daughter. Problem is that Sam is not the same anymore. You see even though they both went to war and came back one of them really stayed in the war, Sam. Somehow she left a piece of herself back there and Patrick is afraid he will never get the woman he fell in love back to him again. Christmas is supposed to be a holiday of miracles yet this is one that Natalie is going to need to get the two people she loves the most back together.

Once again Jessica Scott has proven that no matter how far or back you have gone love is always possible. Patrick has experienced a lot of things in war from pain, death and fear yet none have prepared him for the feeling of losing his child and the love of his life. Natalie might not be his biologically but in his heart she is his through thick and thin. Sam is his other half and is determined to win her back even if it means letting her go to find herself. I felt for Sam and all the heartache she is going through. The Army makes you tough but for Sam she is getting tired of being strong and just wants someone to need her. I love Jessica Scott for through all her books she still proves that no matter how far you go or where life leads you love is always there. Definitely a great book for the holidays showing that through the war and coming home miracles do exist with faith and hope.

True Colors by Melissa Pearl

True Colors by Melissa Pearl
370 pages
4 moons

Caitlin Davis is a good girl going through normal things. High school is a breeze until she tries to help a homeless man. Now she is experiencing things she never felt before. Friends she always has known is starting to seem different for her. No one understands her and Caitlin feels more lost than ever. One of her friends though is hiding something and it scares her that she is the only one who can see this. On the outside things look okay but like an onion she peels the layers and it scares her what she sees. The man she tried to help says it’s a gift or in this case a disease. A disease that she is afraid will never leave her. Can she go back to living a normal life?

Okay so I have to say I’m used to Melissa Pearl’s books but this one is so different from her others. You have Caitlyn who is a normal high schooler trying to lead a teenagers life. All of a sudden she is faced with powers that scare her. I loved that no matter how tough it is Caitlyn doesn’t back down to help her friends. All in all definitely a good book and can’t wait for a sequel for this is one series that sounds unlike any I have read.

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Unintentional Virgin by AJ Bennett

Unintentional Virgin by AJ Bennett
203 pages
Ebook and Print
5 moons

Karma Points..yeah that her real tired. Nineteen years old and she is still a virgin. Most college girls at this point are sexual active or with a man but not her. All she wants for her birthday is a man. She didn’t expect to meet and be attracted to a man like Jax. He is so opposite from the other guys she has dated yet she can’t deny the sexual attraction to him. Unlike any guy though he doesn’t want her virginity but wants to know about her. She doesn’t want a relationship with him but he is making it difficult for her. Jax is strong, sweet, sexy and so into her making her all gaga. Can she be with him knowing he wants more than she does?

So this might sound like your usual getting over your virginity story but it’s more than that by A.J. Bennett. I so fell in love with Jax. Here is a guy who has a girl being so easy but he wants more than a fling which blows Karma’s mind away. What got me the most was that Jax is so perfect for Karma it’s so easy to see they will last forever. All in all this was sweet hot and passionate all I look for in a good book. Definitely one by A.J.  Bennett you don’t want to miss.

Full Throttle Now Available By Julie Ann Walker


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Book: Full Throttle
Author: Julie Ann Walker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: December 2, 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense

She Needs a Hero…

Abby Thompson didn’t sign up to be the daughter of the President of the United States. The position was forced on her by the small matter of her birth. Preferring a quiet life of study, she’s content to leave the politics and the international intrigue to her father. Unfortunately, the most powerful man on the planet is sure to make enemies. When a group of armed thugs takes her hostage half a world away, demanding the U.S. government release prisoners in exchange for her safe return, she fears her father’s policy of “not negotiating with terrorists” means she’ll never see the shores of the Potomac again. Luckily, there’s one glimmer of hope. His name is Carlos Soto. And though she abruptly ended things with him years ago, she knows now he’s the only man who can save her…

Black Knights, Inc. to the Rescue…

Carlos “Steady” Soto has taken part in his fair share of dangerous missions working at the covert government defense firm of Black Knights Inc. But nothing prepared him for the emotional rollercoaster he faces when he’s tasked with rescuing the only woman he ever loved-who also broke his heart. Racing against time and outmaneuvering a group of trained terrorists will take everything he’s got. Plus there’s the heat simmering between them which is threatening to ignite into an inferno. While ruthless enemies stalk them, they must learn to trust each other again. Even if they do make it out alive, will Abby


Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. She has won the Book Buyers Best Award, been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award. Her latest release was named a Top Ten Romance of 2014 by Booklist. Her books have been described as “alpha, edgy, and downright hot.” Most days you can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

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So far, so good…

The hum of the Ducati was reassuring, as was Abby’s tightened grip around Steady’s waist. They were riding down the devil’s own washed–out, rutted, rock–filled hell of a rubber tree logging road, and for the first ten minutes of the harrowing journey, while she’d still been suffering the lingering effects of the sedative, it was just as difficult to keep her on the bike as it was to navigate the frackin’ jungle track.

But now they were clipping along at a steady, if decidedly slow, pace. No JI goons could be seen in his rearview mirrors—-though it was hard to tell exactly, given the fact that the forest encroached from both sides and above. And if his calculations were correct, a half hour or so more should see them entering the lovely kingdom of Thailand.

See, he wished he could call and tell Dan, sometimes it’s better to Lone Wolf McQuade things…

Abby squirmed against his back, interrupting his thoughts and alerting him to the feel of her supple thighs pressed against the outsides of his hips and legs. Which, in turn, immediately focused his attention on her soft breasts—-and distended nipples?—-grazing his back.

Okay, so who was he kidding? Like he hadn’t been keenly aware of each of those things since the first moment. Even while worming his way through the dense undergrowth of ferns and vines after escaping the encampment and hiking back to the Ducati, he’d been hard–pressed to concentrate on anything other than the feel of Abby squeezed all nice and tight against him. Abby’s soft skin touching his. Abby’s sweet smell—-even sweaty and bedraggled, she still emanated a soft cloud of dryer sheets and cocoa butter lotion—-filling his nose and making his

I Know Lucy: Fugitives Book 1 by Melissa Pearl

I Know Lucy: Fugitives Book 1 by Melissa Pearl
272 pages

Lucy Tate doesn’t know how to be normal. The last time she was normal was the day her innocence died along with her parents. Ever since then she has been living a life of lies and pretend. Lucy Tate has one wish and that is to be normal for a guy like Zach Schultz. High school is supposed to be a time of fun and being with friends something she has never experienced. Zach knows Lucy is unlike any girl he has met. She is quiet and mysterious yet he can’t stop thinking about her. Can he figure out what she is hiding before her lies hurt more people?

Once again Melissa Pearl has grabbed my attention.  At first I was confused a little about Lucy but it all comes together in a way that is well spellbound. I fell for how strong Lucy has become and the heartache she goes through is something no teenager should go through. As a new adult book I have to say this one definitely piqued my interest in a series that is worth reading. So many questions left unanswered and can’t wait what else Melissa Pearl has coming up.

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Home is Where You Are by Tessa Marie

Home is Where You Are by Tessa Marie
237 pages
5 moons

Annas life is all about lists. All her life since loosing her father has been centered on being perfect. Getting straight A’s, getting into an Ivy League college and falling for a homeless guy is not part of that list. Trouble is she can’t stay away from Dean Lando or stop worrying about him. On the streets for two years has made Dean strong and to think on his feet. He has a reason for surviving and a girl like Anna has no business in his world. No matter how much he tries he can’t stay away from her. Being homeless is not something to impress on a girl yet Anna is not like any he has come to known. She might dress like a preppy but inside is pure fire and full of love it scares him.  He always thought home was with four walls and material things yet being with Anna he is finding out how different home is with the one you love.

This is a first I have read by Tessa Marie and have to say it was good. At first I thought maybe Dean was a little to hostile with his situation being homeless and all. Each chapter we see him showing more of himself and Anna is the right person to get him out of his comfort zone. Dean has a lot of pride and doesn’t take charity but when it comes to love Tessa Marie showed us a whole different side of him. I can’t wait for more from this author and have to say one you don’t want to miss.