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A Snowflakes Chance in Hell by Amy J. Romine

A Snowflakes Chance in Hell by Amy J. Romine
59 pages

Miracles, magic and love do they exist? This is something that Quinn Lawson has been asking herself. For years she has been searching for her long lost brother. Yet every year has been a failure except this year feels different. Christmas has never been a favorite for her but this time she didn’t have Gunnery Sergeant Kevin McCaluson by her side. As a soldier on the brink of a promotion he feels lost. His whole life has been centered in the Army and for once in his life he has no idea what to do. Meeting Quinn is like a breath of fresh air and actually feeling like Christmas. Started off as a means to help her but he doesn’t want to fight the attraction anymore. Can he give her the Christmas miracle she has been waiting for all these years?

This is the first I have read from Amy J. Romine and have to say I liked it. I wanted a little bit more of Gunnery felt there was more of him than what was told. I could feel Quinns hope faltering in finding her brother yet Gunnery makes it seem okay. These two share a love that is instant but is afraid of taking a risk at the attraction.  Amy did a beautiful job in showing us to never give up always have faith. Gunnery is exactly what Quinn needs to make her miracle happen. Can’t wait for more of Amy’s work. A Snowflakes Chance in Hell is perfect for the holiday always keeping the faith.

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The Rental by Rebecca Berto

The Rental by Rebecca Berto
206 pages

Rick Delaney has been in love with Vee. Problem is that she is his brothers girlfriend. Going away seemed to be the best thing he could do yet meeting her again and knowing the attraction still there is hard. He knows it is wrong but he wants her. Rick has done things that he regrets but for a good reason. Vee is lost and confused. Going out with Justin seemed okay first but her heart wants Rick, his brother. She knows he is bad, dangerous and sexy but can’t stay away from her. Somehow she feels Rick understands her and it scares her.  The Rental is the only place where she can let go and just be free. Yet it is also a place that she gets to know the real Rick. Can she figure out what is going on before her life destructs?

I have to say this is not what I expected at all. I have to say it confused the heck out of me and wanted to feel some balance between them. Rick just seemed to aloof and disappearing all the time. Vee just didn’t seem real to me and added to the whole Rhett thing just didn’t do it for me. Sadly I have to say not a good one for me.

Songbird Book 2: Bulletproof by Melissa Pearl

Songbird Book 2: Bulletproof by Melissa Pearl
226 pages
10 moons Recommended

Morgan Pritchett is surviving barely. Since graduation and going through men like a revolving closet she is ready for for a new life. Problem is nobody wants to hire her based on her degree. She never expected though for a superstar like Sean Jaxon to be interested in her. With nothing out in the horizon working as a gofer in his sitcom seemed okay first. Yet running errands and getting humiliated is not something she thought she would go through. Knowing that Sean is there to witness her humiliation is too much. For once she wants someone to be there for her. Sean Jaxon just went through a very public break up yet he is willing to sacrifice his heart again for a woman like Morgan. He knows she is the one for him yet something about her just speaks of loneliness.  On the outside she is strong,  brave and passionate but he wants her whole soul. His career is taking off and he wants Morgan there all the way.  People want them apart but he is determined to keep her at any cost. Can he prove to Morgan that she is loved and not alone anymore?

Once again Melissa Pearl has a hit. I have to say I didn’t think she could top Fever her previous but she proved me wrong. I love that we see more of Morgan in this one and why she is like she is well Bulletproof. Sean is the man for her and talk about the passion between them is hot. Morgan is not complete unless she has Sean for the love they share is one that scares and excites her. Loved it and want more now of Melissa Pearl.

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Songbird Book 1: Fever by Melissa Pearl

Songbird Book 1: Fever by Melissa Pearl
274 pages
10 Recommended

The voice. A sweet, pure voice that is making him feel like a fever. A fever that only that woman with the voice can make him feel sane again. Somewhere out there is the woman of his dreams. He knows love exists but for a person who has been alone it feels impossible. Cole Reynolds wants what his best friend David has with his girl. Some people are lucky and he’s not one of them. Ella Simmons is beautiful,  sexy and pure temptation for him. She belongs to David yet Cole can’t stop wanting her. He never thought temptation can be so near and still hopes to meet the woman with the sweet loving and enchanting voice. Ella Simmons is afraid and confused. All her life people have been guiding her in life to the right places and direction. Yet no one prepared her for Cole. Here is a man who is making her question her love with David.  Not just Cole but the man in the shower.  Sharing a co-ed shower seemed okay until that voice seeps in her dreams and fantasies.  Two people who are lost in their own way are about to get a chance in a lifetime to make things right.

In one word Wow. This is the first I have read from Melissa Pearl and have to say Awesome. I fell for Ella easily like Cole. Here is a young woman in college with a boyfriend there for her yet seems so lost and scared. Cole seems to understand and cares for Ella which just terrifies her. The passion and feelings he has for her is like wow. Melissa Pearl really pulled me into this book and loved that Cole was a gentleman yet still loved her with his whole heart. Ella has big decision to make yet through it all the voice in the shower is one temptation hard to ignore. Totally rocked and definitely sticking with this author for future books to come.

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Undefeated by Melissa Cutler

Undefeated by Melissa Cutler

Marlene Brodie has seen her share of pain and heartache yet something about Liam McAllister’s pain is too much. For years she has had a crush on him and now that’s he’s putting his feelings towards her out in the open she is scared. Liam is tired of waiting for something to make him snap. Yoga is the only thing that has calmed him since leaving the Army as medic combat. Being back in town is something he never expected yet it feels right. He knows he is different but one thing for sure he would never hurt Marlene. This is the year that he’s determined for his team, the Bomb Squad to win. A group of ex soldiers all in pain or loosing part of their bodies willing to do anything even yoga to get out of their losing slump. Yoga might be the one thing that brings his Marlene closer to him but he wants everything in her. Can he find out what really scares her before he loses control?

I love reading about soldiers especially the ones who feel like nothing is possible and Melissa Cutler did a beautiful job in Liam McAllister.  Here is a soldier whose main mission in life is to protect and serve. One mission is all it takes to make him question himself. Now Marlene is someone who like Liam is afraid. Something in her past still gets her scared yet the attraction and losing control with Liam is beyond anything she has dreamed. Once again Melissa Cutler has pulled me in and have to say I can’t wait for another Bomb Squad book.

One Song Away by Molli Moran

One Song Away by Molli Moran
200 pages
10 Recommended

Sophie Claire Wright is a goal setter. There is nothing that will bring her down. Yet going to Nashville was not what she expected and now she is heading back home. It was supposed to be a time for her to recoup and find her muse again. What she didn’t expect was to get a pretend boyfriend to get her mother of her back. For years she had a crush on Jake Cooper but never did anything about it. Seeing him again and how different he has become is making
her heart pitter patter. She has no idea what is going on for it is all pretend yet she wants more. Jake Coopers dream is finally coming true. He’s waited all his life for Sophie to be with him. It might be pretend but he’s determined to make her see how right they belong together.

In one word this book was AWESOME. Once again Molli Moran has proved to this reviewer that no matter the situation she knows passion and romance. I have to say Jake Cooper is a man who finally has his dreams coming true but waits for his Sophie to see the love has always been there. Another hit for Molli and an author you definitely want to stay up with for you will never be disappointed.

Take the Heat

Take the Heat

So when I signed up for this book I thought alright some good hot stories by talented authors. Yet after the fifth story in this book I was left unsatisfied. All of these stories are really short give or take 20 to 50 pages for me it’s not enough. The one I thought might have gone more was the third, Captivated. Sadly for me it didn’t do it and like I said expected more from these authors.  Unfortunately,  Take The Heat just didn’t do it for me. There were scenes here I didn’t like to see some were hot but others just went over what I usually want in a love scene. Hopefully the other books from these authors are better.

Forever Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan, Cari Quinn and Sidney Bristol

Forever Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan, Cari Quinn and Sidney Bristol
300 pages
5 for the While Book

Forever Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan 10 Recommended

Callie Masters knows she is not a woman fit for society but that doesn’t stop a man like Morgan falling for her. Doing tattoos is an art and one that Callie has mastered. Yet falling in love with a man opposite from her that makes her feel like a woman is sexy.

Takedown by Cari Quinn 5

Abby is the one woman who was always there for him and now he might have lost her. For years Liam thought it was best he left but is ready now to make things right. Knowing that she might be with his brother Slater won’t stop him even if it means walking away for her to be happy.

Bound Memories by Sidney Bristol 4

Kit Carson is making a name for himself but something is missing. As a tattoo artist he knows it is more than just ink. He knows this because one woman showed him you have to have passion in it. Renee is the one woman who showed him a tattoo without passion and love is just ink. Problem is the Renee he knew has disappeared to someone unrecognizable and it pains him. Gone is the sensual, sexy and passionate woman he knew. Determined to get his woman back he will do anything to get her back.

Three hot stories,  three women and three hot, sexy guys just right for a cold night to warm you up. I have to say out of all the stories in this anthology was Carrie Ann Ryans. Loved it when Callie said I’m Callie Fucking Masters showing the wild no holes barred with this woman.  Hot and sexy this anthology not only showing us that anything worth working for is the great prize at the

The Perfect Ingredient by Ava Miles

The Perfect Ingredient by Ava Miles
312 pages

Elizabeth Saunders is running again. Not from her past but from a man who made her feel loved and safe. Chef T aka Terrance Waters is a street rat making a name for himself after years of hard work everything great is happening for him. Only problem is that through years of cooking gourmet foods, sensual delicious desserts he has not been able to find the perfect elusive ingredient. He knows that Elizabeth is the one for him yet she shies away. She knows if her past comes to light everything Terrance has worked hard for will disappear.  The love she feels for him not only gets her high unlike any feeling she has known but is afraid to really trust him. Can she keep this love even though her past might destroy it?

Once again Ava Miles has done it again in another Dare Valley book that is perfect for the holiday. I loved that Terrance was not only sexy, passionate but trying so hard to be good. My favorite scene has to be the dance off between him and Elizabeth hilarious and hot. One thing I love the most about Ava Miles books is you see the others characters from her previous books in their lives like Rhett, Rye and even Natalie which I am waiting for her story now. Elizabeth is one lucky woman for she has a family and a hot chef falling to her every whim. Hot, sexy and passionate that will leave you root for their love to continue.

Heat : Book 1 of Stark Affair by Skylar Cross

Heat : Book 1 of Stark Affair by Skylar Cross
126 pages

Colton Stark is tired of playing the rich bachelor womanizer everybody sees him. He doesn’t care about the money just wants a woman to love him. He has a plan and one that no one can distract him from especially a sexy tough as nails woman like Sofia. Colton has a unique taste in women and Police Officer Sofia is one that matches his every taste. The thing is Sofia is more than a woman but one conflicted with questions. She’s always gone for the other team and Colton is a man making her question her sanity. Each time she turns the other way Colton seduces her with just his words. Can Sofia maintain her control or will she be just like the other women succumbing to Starks sexuality?

This is a series by Skylar Cross that will make you excited for Colton and Sofia. I loved that one moment Sofia knows what she wants then Colton with his sexy charm turns her life upside down. I have to say I am definitely intrigued on what will happen next in this series.