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The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles

The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles

387 pages

Ebook and Print


It is their park the one place where Jane Wilcox can be with him and look at him fantasizing about the day they will actually talk to each other. She is just another person walking their dog. Yet she has come to love Matthew Hale. It takes one special dog, Henry, to finally get her the courage to talk to him. Right away she knows that Matt will change her life. For years Jane has been hiding from the world. Her parents wanted her to be something else like the perfect politician’s daughter. Inside she wanted to be free, wild and live the life she wants instead of being told what she should do. With Matt she is like that yet when he decides to run for Mayor her perfect love life go up in smoke. She knows the public will want more of Matt and his personal life including her. Matt knows Jane Wilcox is not only beautiful, sexy, smart but also a woman of many hidden talents. To him she is not only a dog whisperer but a goddess in his eyes. He doesn’t understand how she can think she is just plain when she is beauty all around. Just when he thinks they could make a life together something scares her to run away from their love. Can Matt figure out what Jane is hiding before the public finds out before him?

Oh I love Ava Miles. As soon as I saw this in NetGalley I fell in love with Jane Wilcox. Here is a young woman who all her life has been told what to do, wear and sadly act. Dare Valley is the one place where she is starting new and just well finally being herself. Matt is so far opposite from her that the feelings he has for Jane scares her. I loved that Ava Miles shows us a serious, wild and free Jane Wilcox yet also a woman who is afraid to believe in love that it scares her. Love to her means baring not only her feelings, secrets but her soul to a man who might turn out to be like her father. Now Matt I loved for no matter what ugly secret Jane might have he doesn’t give up on her and their love. This is actually a great story in the Dare Valley series and everybody is back in it. Loved it.

Blue Crus by Jules Barnard

Blue Crush by Jules Barnard

253 pages

Ebook and Print


Genevieve Tierney is a woman who is trying to stay normal. Her mother wants to visit her and right now is definitely not a good time. Working in a casino is her moment before college to find herself. She expects alcohol, fun, and men wanting her but none like Lewis Sallee. Here is a guy who is making her feel all sorts of things but he’s taken. Or so she thinks. Not only does she has him to worry about completing the Alpine Mudder is her main goal. It is not just a running competition but one full of obstacles and endurance that will be tested on her. Only one person has won it and knowing she will be training with Lewis everyday is making her libido skyrocket. Lewis is a man who is ready to settle down. He knows that Gen is unlike any woman he has known before. She is beautiful, stubborn, a fighter and unreachable right now. Giving up is not in his vocabulary and Gen will find that out hands on. Can they make it work?

This is the first I have read from Jules Barnard and have to say it was filled with tons of sexual tension I couldn’t keep up. One minute Gen hates Lewis then Lewis is kissing her. It was like two fighters in a cage getting to ready to combat. There was just so much tension between these two I was rooting for Lewis and then for Gen. I have to say Jules did a great job in showing that no matter how many no’s you get don’t give up. I can’t wait for more from this author.

Crazy Sexy Love by Edie Ramer

Crazy Sexy Love by Edie Ramer

304 pages

Ebook and Print


Every four year old wants to hear, Will You Marry Me. At that time Sam Krushing was her everything. Now years later Callie Ryan is remembering how hard it was the first time when he broke her heart. Seeing him again and knowing in his songs he has never forgotten about her just makes her well swoon. Even though it has been years Sam has never forgotten about his first and only love. Music was and is his life whereas books are Callie’s life. He knows that he can never be there for him in every way but he’s determined to love her no matter what it takes. Someone though doesn’t want to see him happy with Callie. She has waited for years for Sam to notice her and a librarian like Callie is not going to get the love and happiness she has waited for all these years. Can Sam and Callie get the love they thought was lost?

Okay I have to say I loved this book. It was not only sweet in a cute way but Edie Ramer shined in this book. Callie is your average woman just wanting the perfect love she found years ago. Sam knows that music will always come first and yet Callie is making it difficult for him. Love comes in many forms and have to say in this one not only was it funny, sweet, sexy but true love in every chapter showed between these two. Loved it.

Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

301 pages

Ebook and Print


Jules Doucette still remembers the last time it snowed. She remembers it clearly because it was the last time she saw the love of her life, Noah Ryan, and her baby boy. Twenty-six years later she still trying to figure out life and well her teenage daughter. Jules knew life was never going to be easy but she thought maybe her love life will get a boost some time. She never expected Noah to come back in her life and all the memories of their love. Everybody says that Noah is her Kryptonite and unfortunately she is his as well. Years might have passed but the memories and unanswered questions are still there between them. Can Jules finally let go of the past?

Sharla Lovelace sure knows how to make two people miserable yet still love one another passionately. At first it may seem like their past will never leave them but it is the key to them loving again. I felt for Jules and the way she was treated. All she wanted was love and it is love in Noah she knows she will be happy forever. Sharla Lovelace did a great job in showing no matter how long it has been between these two they have never stopped loving each other. It was not only good but I wanted more of their little boy as well just a hint to Sharla.

Fight for You by Magan Vernon

Fight for You by Magan Vernon

185 pages

Ebook and Print


He is tired of the family business. All he wants is a woman to look at the real Nicky Ragusa. For once to have someone look at him as a normal guy and cage fighter instead of a mafia prince. Jackie Marks is one woman that is making him see how stupid and fuck up life he has so far. His father wants him to quit fighting and all he wants is to be free of them. He never expected his love for Jackie will bring death and a gang war to his front steps. Jackie has never felt such raw, primal and passionate love like she feels for Nicky. She knows what kind of man he is and his family yet is not afraid of him. He calls himself a monster but Jackie knows there is much more of Nicky nobody knows. Can he get out of the family business and have a real life with the only woman who see’s the real Nicky Ragusa?

I am torn between two things about Nicky Ragusa. I love him for him wanting to be free of all the drugs and fighting his family has led. Yet I hate him for the things he does to make Jackie see how much he will do for her love. One thing about Magan Vernon is that she doesn’t stop at just romance in this book. This is far from your typical sweet romance but instead two people who are dangerous to each other yet love so passionately. The sex was definitely hot and wicked to the point where well let’s just say Jackie will never complain about her sex life again. Now Nicky in my head I kept seeing a man just wanting one thing in his life, normalcy. All in all this is one book that will make you love get confused and root for Nicky in every way.

For All Time by Jude Deveraux

For All Time by Jude Deveraux


Ebook and Print


Graydon just wants one week where he can be normal and not worry about his responsibilities. There is a legend of true love when a woman can tell the difference between two men. Graydon can hardly believe it but for once in his life a beautiful woman does not mistake him for his twin, Rory. The problem is that Toby Wyndam is not your usual woman. She is smart, clever, beautiful and somehow a key to his past. All Toby wants is to go through the wedding and not think about the handsome man that has captured her attention. Something about Graydon makes her dream about a love from her past. A love she knows wants to be told from the past. A love that just being near Graydon seems almost real it’s hard to imagine it happened centuries ago. Can she just give up Graydon for a love in the past or for a love in the future with passionate kisses and great love?

I love Jude Deveraux and her Montgomery clan. The whole legend about one person telling a twin apart is well romantic in every way. Graydon is a man who is not ready for his big role in life especially when he just met his true love. Now Toby is a little hesitant about Graydon but come on you just can’t say no to love. Jude Deveraux, once again shows us that no matter what happens in the past it is with love that can make your future stronger.

Sinful Seduction by Katie Reus

Sinful Seduction by Katie Reus


Ebook and Print


Mina is tired of being sheltered. She just wants one moment where she can be free and not have her whole life scrutinized at every second. Just when she thinks she found the right place in Key West to be herself her past comes back to her. All it takes is one person to turn her quiet and peaceful life upside down but with a dangerous man like Alexander Blue it is the adventure of her life at last. Alex is everything he knows is wrong for Mina. They come from different worlds, she is all about money and he is about hard work and danger. Two people who about to be seduced into danger, passion and a love that will bond them forever.

I just love the Red Stone Security series and Alex Blue is one man worth reading. He is everything that heiress Mina needs in her well boring life. At first she wants space and peace yet when it comes to Alex she is all over him. These two were hot and the danger they go through was exciting just to see how far they have come in the story. Not only Katie Reus was great in this book but hoping for more from this series.

The End: An Apocalyptic Romance by Stephanie Albright

The End: An Apocalyptic Romance by Stephanie Albright

160 pages

Ebook and Print


Life as we know it is gone. The place we used to call United States of America has been incinerated. Nobody knows how it happened. Some people say maybe the Terrorist finally succeeded. All Lucy knows is the world has ended. They might still be alive but everyone else is dead. People she knew and loved have all been killed. Only thing to do now is to move on. Her kids are the main things to keep protected from whatever is happening. Everywhere she goes she is weary of whom to trust, love and be with in this time. People are loitering, killing one another and the soldiers we come to trust are no longer trust worthy. Will there ever be a time where things can be normal again? Will they make it alive? How can they be civilized again?

One word for Stephanie Albright is she is very imaginative. We all wonder what would happen if this type of scenario did happen. Through The End: An Apocalyptic Romance we read about Lucy’s survival and how her family copes with things happening. It is hard to see things ever being clear again and through Lucy’s eyes we see how much she endures to make it comfortable for everyone else. There is little romance in this book and feel maybe it should be title The End: A survival Kit because in every chapter we see what Lucy goes through. I applaud for Stephanie Albright in creating a strong woman like Lucy yet still see her fear in things in this New World. All in all it was a good book a little hard to like in the beginning but once you get pass the beginning it all makes sense now.

Ghoul’s Rush In by H.P. Mallory

Ghoul’s Rush In by H.P. Mallory

283 pages

Ebook and Print


Peyton Clark is ready for a new life. One where she is renovating a home passed on to her, where men pay attention to her and where there are no ghosts. Well two out of three is not bad. The house is a big Antebellum and neglected house in the Garden District. A distant aunt from her family left it to her. She expected a lot of things but none like the spirit living in the house or the sexy neighbor five houses down on her street. Drake Montague has been waiting for another live spirit to help him. He knows the Axeman is still there, still wreaking havoc. Something about Peyton Clark makes him feel alive for the first time in decades. He can’t explain his feelings towards this mortal or the jealousy that arises when her contractor, Ryan Kelly comes around. Peyton knows that someone in the house wants her dead and won’t stop until they succeed. As new life goes this one is definitely making her feel grateful for Ryan. Unlike her ex, Ryan is romantic, sexy and cares for her in a way that scares her. Can she find the secrets that the house has in it? Can she give Ryan the love he deserves and give Drake the peace he has been searching?

In one word for Ghouls Rush In is wow and sweet for H.P. Mallory. I loved that through each chapter we see Peyton being courageous and yet when it comes to love she is afraid. I couldn’t stop laughing though when it came to Drake. Even though he’s a ghost he is one demanding spirit. Between Drake and Ryan I have to give kudos to Peyton for having two gorgeous men after her. The Axeman though is not done and can’t wait for what H.P. Mallory has in store next. This book is definitely a welcome for more of Drake and Ryan as they attempt to win Peyton’s heart.