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Tropical Heat Book 3: Kissed by You by Sophia Knightly

Tropical Heat Book 3: Kissed by You by Sophia Knightly

134 pages



Christmas not one of his favorite holidays lately. As a doctor he knows life can change in an instant yet Christmas is not something he is looking forward to again. Five years ago he lost his parents even though he is grateful for his life there are still things he regrets. Meeting Georgie Kincaid in a stormy night is not something he ever expected to happen. All he wanted was a night with his favorite friend, a scotch drink. Georgie is more than a breath of a fresh air she is all perky and in the holiday spirit. He knows he is sounding like a scrooge but he doesn`t see anything worth celebrating right now. Georgie is a woman who deserves more than a grumpy doctor, a man who can love again and enjoy the holidays. Can he a man who doesn`t believe in love anymore fall in love again?

Georgie Kincaid has had it with men. She spent the last couple of years with a man who thought was the one. Yet she knows now there is no perfect guy in this life. Christmas is a time for her to be with family and be grateful for things she has. Getting stranded in a stormy night in front of Dr. Alex Cortes house seemed like fate was telling her something. Here is a guy who has forgotten what being grateful means. Gorgeous, smart and sexy is not something she needs right now but real love. As a woman who has spent years wanting the one thing St. Nicholaus can`t grant her she is ready for more and not just being a doormat this time. Can she just leave Alex knowing that he will be alone never feeling love again?

I have to say Sophia Knightly has once again done it in the Tropical Heat series. Seeing a man like Dr. Alex going through such heartache and a woman like Georgie to turn it all upside down was awesome. I loved that no matter the pain she is going through Georgie is determined to make Alex enjoy Christmas again and be loved. The chemistry between them is hot and have to applaud for Georgie keeping strong despite how hot Alex is. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this series.

Inevitable Book 4: Sensational by Janet Neissenson

Inevitable Book 4: Sensational by Janet Neissenson

310 pages


4 1/2 moons

10 days is all she had with Blue Eyes. Like a hurricane swooping in that is how he invaded her heart. Falling for a guy was not her thing right now yet something about Ben Rafferty got into Lauren McKinnon`s heart. 10 days of fun and passion is all she had but it was all it took for her to fall over the edge. Something about Ben makes her feel different and it scares her. So it comes as a surprise that after 4 years of him leaving her she sees him again at her workplace. Gone is the rugged, motorcyle kind of a guy she fell in love with and now is a business man who is making her go crazy. The passion she felt and the love is still there only making her wonder when her life will ever be normal. Those 10 days is all she had with Ben and even now she is wondering why the love hasn`t disappeared like him. Can she continue working with Ben knowing her heart is and always will be with him?

Ben Rafferty has only loved one woman. The one person who understood him in every way and completed him with just being herself. The one woman who even now knowing he broke her heart is driving him crazy he still wants her, Lauren McKinnon. All he had was 10 days with her but it is 10 days he has never forgotten for somehow she got under his skin. Years ago he knew she deserved more but seeing her again after all this time the chemistry is still there. Ben knows he shouldn`t be in lust with her when he is committed to someone else but Lauren is a woman nobody will ever forget. Can he be there for Lauren as a boss knowing his heart and soul still wants her but this time forever? Can he get the chance to explain why he left her years ago?

Once again Janet Neissenson has done it again bringing in a way this series to a close end in some ways. We were introduced to Lauren in Julia`s story but like a shadow we saw small parts of her. We finally figure out why she called Ben a bastard in the previous books and what really happened. I loved that Janet put so much history between them and yet we still learn a lot about what makes Lauren tick. The chemistry between Ben and Lauren was like a rollercoaster of fun, betrayal, hurt and most of all passion. It is because of this passion that makes their love strong and them to work hard to keep it. For readers who have read the previous books you definitely don`t want to miss Lauren and Ben`s story for this is one couple

A Moment of Weakness by Brooklyn Skye

A Moment of Weakness by Brooklyn Skye

181 pages



Laurel Harris needs a job for the summer. She has worked hard for her teaching degree and this is the only option she has. Her best friend told her Micah her brother needs help for his little girl. Seemed okay at first but each day with her scary sexy of a god boss is starting to tempt her in so many bad ways. Micah Crane is unlike any boss she has had and this scares her. One minute he is brooding, dangerous and the next he is sweet, sexy and confusing the hell out of her. Laurel knows somehow by the end of summer saying good bye to him and Shae his daughter will be the end of her. As a teacher she must always think of the children or child in this case yet something about Micah is making her see there is more to life than just teaching.

Micah Crane is in trouble. He has tried for the last couple of years to be a good father a better one that his own father. Yet ever since hiring Laurel as a nanny for the summer he is seeing how wrong he has been doing things. Shae is the most important thing right now and he has no time for distractions especially one as sexy as his nanny. Working in his bar he is trying to be good yet it is his side job that is making him see his life is dangerous. Each day with Laurel and his little girl is making him see that maybe a family together might be impossible. Can he make things right and let go of the past for a chance at happiness?

This is the first I have read from Brooklyn Skye and have to say it was like WOW. I just loved how sexy and brooding Micah was in the book. One minute you hate him for the way he treats everybody yet in another you just want to get on his lap and kiss him senseless. I have to applaud Lauren for her restraint for it was me hello. Brooklyn Skye just wowed me in this book I mean each time I thought something was predictable she threw an obstacle in the way. The passion between Micah and Laurel is like in a way instantaneous one minute cold then hot. Let me tell you this is one book you don`t want to miss for it has danger, love, passion and most of all a chance at happiness. Loved it.




Played by Clare James
The music should be enough. End of story. But Aaron Major is finding out it’s not, and now his agent has hired a firm of suits to help launch his debut album, turning his life into a goddamn circus. Smile here. Play there. Be nice. Well, screw that. If Aaron wanted to spend his time shaking hands and kissing babies, he would’ve gone into politics.

Helping launch the career of country singer Aaron Major should be a cakewalk for PR pro Melody Sharp. Aaron is charming, sexy, and oh-so-appealing when he’s on stage. Off stage, though, he’s her worst nightmare. A stubborn, ornery, reclusive nightmare without a lick of business-or fashion-sense. The only way he’s going to make it in music is with a serious makeover-and quite possibly a personality transplant.

Soon, they’re engaged in a game of give and take, and though it’s Melody calling the shots, it’s Aaron who holds all control…
Clare James writes contemporary romance and new adult novels with spunky heroines and sexier-than-sin heroes. Her books have made several best-selling lists including the tender love stories in the Impossible Love series; the steamy romantic comedy Dirty Little Lies; and the touching family drama Wednesday. She’s also the author of a new series with Entangled’s Brazen line about the women of Elite PR and their very naughty clients. The first two books in the series are out now!
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Melena`s Review

Okay have to say at first it was a little slow in the beginning. Once Aaron starts singing and Melody sees a diamond in the rough boy did it pick up after all. Throughout the whole book my favorite though was Aaron. Here is a guy who one time was a big star but like all stars they start to succumb to temptation and fade. Yet what I loved about Clare James in Aaron is that we see a man seeing his mistakes and learning from them. Now Melody though seemed just a little to whining for me. Yes there are things happening to her but instead of getting on up she forgets the main This is one series that is looking good and interested in what`s next for the ELITE company.

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True Love

A Songbird Novel

By Melissa Pearl

Release Date: November 18, 2015

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One night can change everything…

Nessa Sloan has been in love with Jimmy Baker since the ninth grade when they started up a rock band together. Five years later they’re about to hit the big time—Chaos wins a recording contract and nation-wide tour with Torrence Records. After their celebration party, the two best friends have a one-night stand that will tear their relationship apart.

On the run from Jimmy’s rejection, Nessa takes off on her motorbike, but an accident brings her escape to a tragic end. Now trapped in a broken body, Nessa has to face a future stripped of the one thing that’s gotten her through every past challenge—playing the drums.

Jimmy never meant to break his best friend’s heart, and he will forever regret taking her to bed then treating her like one of his groupies. But once he’d crossed that line, he couldn’t go back. Now Jimmy is on a mission to do something he’s never done before—win a girl over.

Angry and confused by her new disability, Nessa doesn’t want Jimmy’s help. But she has nobody else to rely on…and his pigheaded ass won’t leave her alone. Can these two stubborn hearts get past their own insecurities to figure out what true love really looks like? Or will they drive each other crazy before they finally see the truth?

It’s infuriating, irresistable, and all-consuming…it’s true love.

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Watch the True Love Trailer HERE



Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan… not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. “Best. Year. Ever!!” She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion. Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November 2011. Since then she has continued to produce a steady stream of books, ranging in genres from Fantasy to Contemporary Romance. She loves the variety and is excited about the books she has coming up in 2015.

“I am passionate about writing. It stirs a fire in my soul that I never knew I had. I want to be the best writer I can possibly be and transport my readers into another world where they can laugh, cry and fall in love.”


Wild Ride by Cathryn Fox

Wild Ride by Cathryn Fox

98 pages


Contemporary Erotica Romance

3 1/2 moons

What do you do when time flies by and you still have that one regret in your life? For Mac it is simple lasso that woman back to his life. Ever since high school Jess was the one for him. Their mothers were close but every time he tried to talk to her she closed off. His best friends are like him regretting the one that got away. He knows where she is and what she has been doing these years yet happy she hasn`t found anyone permanent. He might be a successful businessman now but there is one thing he cannot negotiate and that is love. Beneath the yoga clothes and all lies a woman made for him and Jessa is that and so much more. Can he convince her this week that the love he had for years ago has grown more?

Jessa has no idea why she is at a dude ranch or the man of her fantasies standing in front of her. It has been years she has seen Mac and even now he has gotten more handsome. Years ago she was the shyest girl ever in school and even now she is tongue tied around him. He says she is the one he has always loved but how can she be sure. Her journal is the only thing shows her real feelings, fantasies and yet through it all it is Mac in her journals. Mac who brought out all those fantasies years ago and Mac who even now is tempting her for that one week of nothing but passion. Can she trust him with her heart?

I have to say if you want a book that is hot, sizzling then Cathryn Fox is your woman. Right from the beginning you can tell Mac is so into her yet is nervous as well. In a way it was cute seeing him around Jessa. She is the one girl to make him feel like a teenager again yet crave her like a well blooded male. The sex between them is just beyond hot and have to say definitely grab a cold ice water. Cathryn Fox shows us that no matter how many years apart we have the love is stronger than ever.


If you like your heroes hot, the sex hotter, and a swoon-worthy romance to swoop in and save your happily ever after, Brazen has the story for you. Sinfully sexy soldiers. Alpha cops who demand control. Sweet guys with a naughty side in the bedroom. At Brazen, they’ve got the hero destined to melt your… heart. Visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook page, and follow them on Pinterest.
Today’s featured read:
Wild Ride by Cathryn Fox

Good girl, meet bad cowboy…

Marketing Tycoon Tyler Mackenzie, a.k.a. Wildman Mac, has a knack for knowing what people want and, more importantly, what they need…so when he decides to show sweet and sexy yoga instructor Jess Gray that she’s the one for him, he puts a seductive campaign into motion.

When Mac defines the terms for the week and insists she do everything he says, Jess can’t help but be intrigued. Since this good girl wants to break free and do something naughty, she agrees to his terms and soon finds herself embarking on a sexual journey that knows no limits. For Jess this is one week of living out her fantasies, but Mac is determined to make this wild ride last forever.



About Cathryn Fox

New York Times and USA today best selling author, Cathryn is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love.

***Melena`s Review***
I have to say if you want a book that is hot, sizzling then Cathryn Fox is your woman. Right from the beginning you can tell Mac is so into her yet is nervous as well. In a way it was cute seeing him around Jessa. She is the one girl to make him feel like a teenager again yet crave her like a well blooded male. The sex between them is just beyond hot and have to say definitely grab a cold ice water. Cathryn Fox shows us that no matter how many years apart we have the love is stronger than ever.
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Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan

Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan


November 16, 2015


She is horny and craving only one man. It has been weeks since the last time she has had him and she is going crazy. No man has gotten under her skin like Search and Rescue guy Gage McGraw and she is not standing down with this. Everybody knows she is not a one man person and never before has settled down. Yet for some reason he is the one on her mind and the only one to get her libido going. Chloe has seen what love can do to a person making them like a fool, desperate for that pereson and not able to move on. Her mother is a big example of what love from the wrong person can do to you. Chloe is determined to not be like that a woman who is obsessed with romance and love. Instead Chloe is the type of woman that just wants sex in every way she can get it. Problem is though she is not a commitment type of gal Gage wants more than just sex filled nights this time. Can she get her week of sex without loosing her heart in the process for the first time?

In one word Gage McGraw is a rescuer. All his life he has worked to be the best at his job always searching the people that are lost. He knows Chloe is one person he is determined to rescue. It started of great just sex with her nothing else yet Gage is seeing that he wants more. Usually it is him who just wants hot, passionate and raw sex but lately he is seeing that she is the one for him. He wants this time the romance and a date with her. Not just any dates but one that shows her how right they are for each other. Everybody tells him Chloe is not the type of gal to just settle down and he is definitely not the one to stay in one place for more than a week. Can two people looking for different things get the happily ever after they both are searching for right now?

In one word for Joya Ryan is WOW. I mean just the first paragraph will grab your attention to a point where you want the ice bucket nearby. Joya Ryan just was like wow with the chemistry between Chloe and Gage. They argue, they rub each other the wrong way in some chapters yet through it all the passion between them just explodes. I loved that it was the man this time wanting the romance and boy does Gage really pull it all out. I mean I was saying yes yes in the beginning wanting to sometimes slap Chloe for saying no to him. Very hot and definitely an author you don`t want to miss. Loved it for it had it all that I look for a in a top 10 book. There is chemistry, romance, passion and most of all a woman who just want to ge tthe love that does not run away. Loved it.

Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson

Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson


Contemporary Romance


What Lovey wants Lovey gets? Or so it seems all the time with her brother Duncan. He loves her sister but her moving in his condo not good. Lovey has no idea what to do right now. For being 24 years old she’s ready to sow her wild oats not ready to settle down. Her ex-boyfriend Richard didn’t get this and put the pressure on her. Now living with Duncan she expected some brotherly love not to be shocked by the most sexiest gorgeous hockey roommate Marc Dupuis to ignore her flirts. She knows it is wrong to make the moves on her brothers roommate but he is hot. Can she just leave things alone and this sex on a stick hockey player to be a good little sister?

Marc Dupuis is in a cluster fuck situation when he meets his roommates little sister. Duncan always referred her as a flake and always getting what she wants. Seeing her is like a punch in the gut seeing all her beauty and sexiness. There is a code every man friends with another man must uphold at all times and that’s not nail their little sister. Yet one accidental kiss from this woman and he’s neck deep in sexual frustration. One thing leads to another and now he wants more than just sneaking around her brother his best friend. After his last serious relationship he knows this thing with Lovey is more than just sex. Can he convince her that this is the real thing between them?

Kelly Jamieson you have made this readers favorite list. I have to say I’m really loving these romances involving sports especially hockey. Marc just got out of a serious relationship because he wasn’t romantic enough. Have to say wrong everything about him screams sexy and romantic. Even though it started off as just sex you can tell Marc is so into Lovey. Now Lovey is more than what she shows to people. She might play a flake but beneath this crazy flirtatious girl is a woman who knows what she wants. Together these two were awesome and can’t wait for the other players in the Aces team.

His Fantasy Girl by Nina Croft

His Fantasy Girl by Nina Croft

190 pages

Contemporary Erotic Romance

4 moons

He has waited all these years for his fantasies to come to life. It was a one night thing but that one night changed his life. It takes one near death experience for Logan to see what has been missing in his life, the fantasy girl. Now is his chance but like all fantasies there are huge surprises especially the woman and now a daughter. Logan knows he is not the committed kinda guy but something about Abby is making him second guess himself. He never thought that the wild woman that captured him that night will turn into a copper all prim and proper. Logan is determined to get under her skin and get his wild woman to come back out in the open again. Can a man like him get his happiness with his fantasy girl?

Abigail Parker is a good cop working on becoming a detective her dream career. She is determined to not let anything get in her dream especially a man from her past. Seeing the one man who let her get out of control in the flesh is making her realize it has been a really long time she has been with a man. Logan is definitely not the man she should be fantasizing about right now when she needs someone stable and committed for her daughter. Work and her daughter is all she needs right now yet nights with him is making her crave more than just sex filled nights. Can she get her dreams to come true when Logan is tempting her to be wild again?

Fantasies are supposed to be kept a fantasy yet in this book by Nina Croft all bets are off. I have to say Nina Croft brought out the hotness in Fantasy Girl getting you all hot and bothered. Logan is definitely a bad boy you want to take home and just savor. Here is a guy who because of loyalty to his family was sent away and now he has a chance to get his happiness again. I loved the chemistry between Logan and Abby it was really hot. Here is a guy who definitely has tons of fantasies and boy let me say Abby is in trouble with this guy. This is one book you don`t want to miss filled with sex, fantasies, hot sex and a chance of finding that love that has been missing.