A Promise Kept by Anissa Garcia

A Promise Kept by Anissa Gray


It has been years since Grace Clark felt happy, in love and not filled with guilt. Years ago because of stupidity she lost a loved one and even now she is still trying to keep the promise she gave to him. As an author she knows love exists but lately it seems the people she love either turn their backs on her or die. So having Evan Matthews, Hollywood`s super action heartthrob moving in next door is making her go crazy. He does not take no for an answer and pushes past all her walls she has brought up to keep her heart intact. Yet all it takes is one kiss from him to make her see how what has been missing from her life and it scares her. Here is a guy who is making her see how happy she can be and not be stuck in the past even if it means confronting people that left her behind.

As a Hollywood actor Evan Matthews has been surrounded by beautiful and sexy women but none compare to his next door neighbor Grace Clark. For the first time there is a woman who is not falling for his charms and yet he cannot stay away from her. Grace somehow makes him feel alive for the first time in years since he started acting and making him wonder about settling down for good. Being with Grace and her friends he is seeing what life can possibly be with a good woman like her and it scares him some ways. He knows she has some secrets in her past that is making her wonder about their relationship. Family is important to him and knowing that Grace is breaking inside of what happened in the past he wants her to be happy forever. Can he a superstar who plays a superhero in the movies rescue his woman from fears, doubts and learn to love again?

In one word for A Promise Kept is WOW. This is the first I have read by Anissa Garcia and cannot wait what is in store from this talented author. I loved that even though Evan is an actor he is really just a normal guy completing Grace in every way. There is laughter, family, love and most of all healing in this book. I would love to see what else Annissa Garcia has coming for her readers definitely interested in Josh and Marla`s story. Loved it.


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